The goal of the ReSuture team is to reimagine surgical training so that surgeons are as prepared as possible before entering the operating room. As trained biomedical engineers, the founding team believes it is our responsibility to leverage innovative technologies to improve the quality of human life. To reduce the burden of surgical complications, our team has dedicated themselves to solving the biggest problems of surgical training today.  

Hannah Eherenfeldt 


Dr. Christopher DuCoin


Chief Surgical Advisor

Benjamin Knapp



Business Advisory Board

Mitchel Willett

Mitchel was the COO and VP of Strategy at a surgical simulation company for six years where he led their  transition from startup to a profitable business. He now serves as an adjunct at Grand Canyon University Colangelo College of Business


Mitchell Bolnick

Mitchell is an experienced business mentor, investor, and consultant. Formerly, he was the Director of Business Operations at a $100m company. He is the founder of The Excel Consulting Group and has served as a principal there for the past seven years. 


Chris Bolnick

Chris has 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry, including many years in management and administration. She has worked with numerous startups, holds an RN and an MBA, and serves as a principal at The Excel Consulting Group.


Our Team

Swaprakash Yogeshwaran,

Biomedical Engineering Intern 

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