ReSuture Helps Train Tulane Residents

[New Orleans, LA] - 10/7/2020 ReSuture is proud to be a part of Tulane University School of Medicine's cutting edge surgical training program...

ReSuture Pilots at Fundamentals of Vascular Surgery at LSU 

[New Orleans, LA] - 2/28/2020

The LSU Fundamentals of Vascular Surgery Symposium is a 3-day hands on training...

ReSuture wins Judge's Award at Startup Runway Atlanta

[Atlanta, GA] - 10/17/2019 -ReSuture won the $10K Judge's Award at Startup Runway Atlanta! See our winning pitch here:

New Orleans City Business Journal Spotlight

[New Orleans, LA] - 1/20/2020 The way that vascular surgery students are trained felt out-dated to Ben Knapp. So the Tulane University...

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