Our proprietary simulated vasculature feels and sutures like real human tissue. ReSuture's Carotid Endarterectomy (CEA) Trainer is the first full simulated CEA procedure in a compact, portable, and reusable system. The simulation includes artificial blood flow and anatomical reference structures for the most immersive training experience available. The simulated carotid artery has the same mechanical properties as live vascular tissue and includes lifelike plaque that is 3D printed in our lab.


Recent studies have found a deficiency in the training of vascular surgical techniques in medical schools and residency programs, specifically in non-laparoscopic procedures such as endarterectomies. Designed to improve the training of future surgeons, our CEA trainer allows the user to learn vascular surgical skills within a controlled and monitored setting- refining trainees’ psychomotor skills and reducing “on-the-job” training. The simple and compact design of our system allows surgical learners to practice whenever and wherever they want and, by simply changing vasculature, they can practice procedures as many times as needed. 




Our product maintains a competitive advantage by providing a realistic training experience without the cost or regulatory hurdles that burden cadaver and live animal labs. We offer the first true improvement over these methods by providing a system that allows for repeated procedural practice without the lengthy and expensive setup of traditional training labs. 


ReSuture is currently developing a suite of vascular surgery simulations that can all be used in the same system. In the coming years, we intend to provide simulations across a wide variety of surgical disciplines. 

We are seeking feedback on our first product. If you are interested in trying the CEA trainer and are a surgeon, resident, simulation center director or technician, or have experience in simulation and/or surgery, please contact us here. 


Our CEA trainer was used by residents and surgeons from academic institutions across the country during the Fundamentals of Vascular Surgery Training Course at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, LA (February 2020). Using our models, these residents and fellows were able to learn and practice important vascular surgery techniques.

"This was a great experience- I feel much more confident performing an endarterectomy."
- PGY-1 at UC Davis Health

If you are interested in trying the ReSuture system at your institution, please click here.

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