ReSuture has developed the first comprehensive vascular surgical simulator for the acquisition of key surgical skills. We deliver the most accurate procedural experience outside the operating room- allowing surgeons to perfect the necessary skills to provide exceptional patient care.   

Open Vascular Training System

Pulsatile fluid flow through vasculature.  Compatible with all ReSuture vascular training cartridges. Compact and portable.

Procedural Training Cartridges

Relevant anatomical structures. Realistic in-vivo operating conditions .

Quickly and easily replaceable for repeated practice. 

High-Fidelity Vasculature

Cuts and sutures like real human tissue. Simulated atheromatous plaque, thrombus, and aneurysms. Surgeon tested and approved.


Working closely with surgeons, ReSuture creates realistic synthetic anatomical structures. We have developed the only versatile perfused system for training in open surgery, to provide surgeons the full operative experience- without any risk. 

A Lifelike Advantage

ReSuture makes the most accurate and lifelike synthetic vasculature on the market. Our modular trainers and perfused training system provides uniquely high-quality procedural training in open surgery. 

Standardized Training 

ReSuture envisions a future in which medical training is standardized and efficient. Our open vascular training system is the first of many tools we plan to provide for the training and credentialing of healthcare providers. 



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